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Precision Medicine Meets Precision Benefit Design: Reward the Good Soldier

On Thursday, March 9, the Director of the Center for Value-Based Insurance Design presented at the NAM Roundtable on Genomics and Precision Health in Washington, DC.  Read More


Managed Healthcare Executive: Are high-value health plans the wave of the future?

“While the elimination of financial barriers to preventive care in existing HSA-HDHPs is commendable, plan deductibles cause concern in that consumers may forgo high-value care” –  V-BID Center director, A. Mark Fendrick, MD

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V-BID Briefs

The V-BID Center produces issue briefs across payer, provider, and consumer measures to innovate health care services, benefit designs, and payer strategies balancing cost and quality of care.


White Papers

The V-BID Center collaborates with diverse, yet aligned organizations on an array of health policy and implementation measures addressing the challenges and innovations across the United States health care system.

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The Center for Value Based Insurance Design

Leads efforts to promote the development, implementation, and evaluation of health benefit designs balancing cost and quality. A multidisciplinary team of faculty first named and published the V-BID concept, guiding this approach from early principles to widespread adoption in the private and public sectors.

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In the video library below, V-BID Center director, Dr. Mark Fendrick, MD, discusses the V-BID concept and V-BID Center initiatives.