This update features policy developments, media reports, and events supporting continued momentum for multiple V-BID Center initiatives.

Policy News:

White House Report Urges Broader Preventive Safe Harbor for HSA-Qualified High-Deductible Health Plans

A White House report recommends expanding the scope of the IRS “safe harbor” to allow pre-deductible coverage of high-value preventive services, specifically those used to treat chronic conditions. Read more.

American Medical Association Strongly Endorses V-BID

The American Medical Association released a report that endorsed value-based insurance design as a potential solution to align clinical and financial incentives for high-value care. Learn more here.

In the Literature:

RealClearPolicy Op-Ed: A Patient-Centered Approach to Medicare Drug Reform

Mark Fendrick, MD, discusses the changes to Medicare Part B recently proposed by the Trump Administration in an op-ed. Read more on V-BID in Medicare here.

American Journal of Managed Care: Understanding and Improving Value Frameworks With Real-World Patient Outcomes

An article in the American Journal of Managed Care provides recommendations for measuring the value to  patients of medical technologies. Our Precision Benefit Design initiative further discusses how to apply value-based principles to medical innovation.

Annals of Internal Medicine: High-Deductible Plans Delay Diabetics From Seeking Care

An Annals of Internal Medicine study reported individuals with diabetes, who were enrolled in high-deductible plans, often delayed seeking care. Learn how V-BID enhances HDHPs here.

Bloomberg: Doctors Are Fed Up With Being Turned Into Debt Collectors

An article in Bloomberg discusses how the rise of high-deductible health plans has heightening reimbursement pressures on physicians, hospitals, and medical labs as they attempt to collect payment from patients.

New V-BID Center Resources:

New Video: Precision Outcomes-Based Contracts

A new video, Precision Outcomes-Based Contracts, explains how the use of V-BID principles can better align the interests of patients, manufacturers, purchasers, and clinicians around the responsible use of health care resources.

Recent Center Events:

Webinar:  V-BID in Action – The Case of Diabetes

In October, the V-BID Center presented its first webinar, V-BID in Action – The Case of Diabetes.  This interactive program examined V-BID’s role in mitigating cost-related non-adherence in diabetic patients.

Smarter Health Care Coalition Fall 2018 Summit

On October 24th, the Smarter Health Care Coalition and the V-BID Center hosted a briefing “Achieving Value in Care Delivery: Policy, Politics and Progress to Support Value-Based Insurance Design” in Washington, DC. Mark Fendrick, MD, presented on the use of V-BID in reducing low-value care.



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