Trump Administration “American Patients First” Drug Pricing Blueprint Includes V-BID

“Value-Based transformation of our entire healthcare system is a top HHS priority”

On May 11, 2018, President Trump gave a speech introducing his administration’s “American Patients First” drug pricing plan, which strongly reflected V-BID concepts.  The 44-page blueprint includes lowering out of pocket costs, implementing value-based purchasing in federal programs (including indication-based pricing and long-term financing), instructing CMS to create demonstration projects to encourage value-based care and lower drug prices, and considering adjustments to HHS regulations regarding drug copay discount cards.

“FDA also announced it will facilitate opportunities for enhanced information sharing between manufacturers, doctors, patients and insurers to improve patient access to medical products, including through value-based insurance.”

A. Mark Fendrick, MD, developer of the V-BID concept and Director of the University of Michigan V-BID Center, is available for questions or comments.

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