Thursday, April 27, 2023: Fourth Annual Medicare Advantage Summit

Mini Summit 31 Medicare Advantage Outperforms Fee-for-Service on Certain Diabetes Outcomes V-BID Center director, A. Mark Fendrick, presented alongside Thomas Kornfield of Avalere Health for the 2023 Annual Medicare Advantage Summit. The mini summit session covered the impact of MA benefit design on diabetes outcomes. Click on the buttons below to view associated resources. Medicare Advantage Initiative 1-Pager White Paper Infographic Summary Brief Timeline

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Virtual V-BID Summit 2023: Accelerating Health Equity

On March 8th, 2023, a broad range of health care stakeholders addressed strategies to accelerate health equity, implications of overturning the ACA preventive care mandate, opportunities and challenges of reducing low-value care, and advances in policies to enhance affordability and reduce medical debt. Their diverse expertise will guided discussion about improved quality, enhanced patient experience, and cost-containment.

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Braidwood v. Becerra Media Coverage

Braidwood v. Becerra Media Coverage Justice Department Seeks Stay on Parts of ACA Preventive Services Ruling Fierce Healthcare | Robert King The Department of Justice (DOJ) wants a federal judge to ensure that preventive care coverage requirements in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) remain available while it appeals a ruling striking the provisions down. The DOJ filed on Wednesday a request with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas for a partial stay of an earlier judgment [...] Read More Will The US Supreme Court Strike Down The ACA’s Preventive Services Coverage Requirement? Health Affairs Forefront | Richard Hughes IV, Nija Chappel, William Walters The current Affordable Care Act (ACA) challenge in the Braidwood v. Becerra (formerly Kelly v. Becerra) case in the Northern District of Texas poses a threat to one of the law’s most popular features: its preventive services coverage requirement, Section [...]

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AJMC Summary: 2022 V-BID Summit

2022 Virtual V-BID Summit Summaries Increasing Health Equity to Reduce Disparities in Value-Based CareAt the 2022 V-BID Summit, hosted by the Center for Value-Based Insurance Design at the University of Michigan, representatives of CMS and the Commonwealth Fund gave an update on the efforts to monitor, evaluate, and improve health equity in the United States. Panel 1 Summary Serving Nontraditional Health Care Needs in Medicare Through V-BIDPanelists touted the ability to pay for items and repairs to keep Medicare beneficiaries healthier at home, avoiding potentially costly hospitalizations and complications. Panel 2 Summary How Is US Progressing in Measuring, Reducing Low-Value Care?Reducing low-value care means saving money, reducing potential harm, and creating room for high-value care to be delivered in the United States. Panel 3 Summary Incremental Steps Helpful but Not Enough to End Underinsurance Issue, Panelists SayWithout addressing rising costs, the problem of underinsurance in health care [...]

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Cancer Screening Research

Published Research Measuring Frequency and Amount of Out-of-pocket Costs for Cancer Screening Follow up Colon Cancer Screening Out-of-Pocket Costs for Colonoscopy After Noninvasive Colorectal Cancer Screening Among US Adults With Commercial and Medicare Insurance Read More Lung Cancer Screening Total and Out-of-Pocket Costs of Procedures After Lung Cancer Screening in a National Commercially Insured Population: Estimating an Episode of Care Read More Breast Cancer Screening Out-of-Pocket Costs of Diagnostic Breast Imaging Services After Screening Mammography Among Commercially Insured Women From 2010 to 2017 Read More Cervical Cancer Screening Out-of-Pocket Costs for Colposcopy Among Commercially Insured Women From 2006 to 2019 Read More

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Press Release: VBID Elements in Build Back Better Act passed by House of Representatives

Build Back Better Act passed by House of RepresentativesIncludes V-BID Elements On November 19, 2021 the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act (H.R.5376), which allocates funds to combat climate change, bolster the U.S. social safety net, and expand healthcare. The bill promotes elements of value-based insurance design (V-BID), including pre-deductible coverage and cost sharing cap of $35 month on selected insulin products (Sec. 27001), a $2,000/year cap and even monthly distribution of out-of-pocket costs for Medicare beneficiaries (Sec. 139201 and 139202), and the removal of co-pays for vaccines under Medicare Part D as recommended by ACIP (Sec. 139402). Excerpts from the bill are included below.SEC. 27001. SEC. 726. REQUIREMENTS WITH RESPECT TO COST-SHARING FOR CERTAIN INSULIN PRODUCTS"(a) IN GENERAL.-- for plan years beginning on or after January 1, 2023, a group health plan or health insurance issuer offering group health insurance coverage shall [...]

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2021 V-BID Summit Resources

On Wednesday, March 10, 2021, the V-BID Center held its annual summit.

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V-BID Policy Highlight 2021

20 Years of impact V-BID Policy Achievements To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first V-BID publication, we have highlighted key V-BID policy developments over the last two decades. Scroll through the following list to see how V-BID policies have improved quality, enhanced patient experience, and promoted cost-containment. View the Summit Webpage Sections 2713 and 4105 of the Affordable Care Act The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires that health plans must provide coverage for specified evidence-based and preventive services without a copay or contribution toward a deductible. The Secretary of Health and Human Services was also given the authority to develop guidelines allowing employers and health insurers to utilize V-BID. Read More March 2010 CMS Final Rule 2334-F CMS finalizes rules giving state Medicaid programs greater flexibility to vary enrollee cost-sharing, allowing the possibility to implement a clinically nuanced cost-sharing model. Read More January 2014 CMS Announces [...]

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Press Release: Significant Uptake of IRS Rule Expanding Pre-Deductible Coverage of Chronic Disease Services

The 2020 Kaiser Family Foundation Survey of Employer Health Benefits reported significant uptake of a 2019 federal rule that expanded the number of clinical services that may be covered before enrollees meet their plan deductibles.

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2021 Virtual V-BID Summit 2021: 20 Years of Impact & Innovation

On March 10, 2021, leaders from across the country and the health care spectrum came together to discuss strategies for tackling some of the industry’s most relevant challenges.

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2021 Sponsorship Opportunities

2021 V-BID Summit Sponsorship Opportunities The V-BID Center is accepting sponsorship inquiries for 2021. Center support includes sponsorship of the annual V-BID Summit, which be held on March 10, 2021.  Based on the advice of public health experts, this invitation-only convening will be held virtually. All donations/sponsorships will be gratefully accepted, including amounts lower and higher than those listed below.  Special consideration will be given to non-profit organizations.  For more information, please contact Susan Lynne Oesterle at 734-615-9635 or silver $20,000 10 invitations to the virtual V-BID Summit Logo featured on conference website gold $30,000 15 invitations to the virtual V-BID Summit Logo featured on conference website Pre-release access to V-BID Center resources Platinum $50,000 30 invitations to the virtual V-BID Summit Logo prominently featured on conference website Pre-release access to V-BID Center resources Invitation to National Advisory Board Meeting

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020: Million Hearts® Cardiac Rehabilitation Think Tank

V-BID Center director, A. Mark Fendrick, presented at the Coalition Against Surprise Medical Billing Hill Briefing. During this event, leading voices in health policy discuss the importance of closing the loopholes that allow out-of-network providers and private equity-backed specialists to ‘balance bill’ patients during in-network care.

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