Braidwood v. Becerra Media Coverage

Justice Department Seeks Stay on Parts of ACA Preventive Services Ruling

Fierce Healthcare | Robert King

The Department of Justice (DOJ) wants a federal judge to ensure that preventive care coverage requirements in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) remain available while it appeals a ruling striking the provisions down. The DOJ filed on Wednesday a request with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas for a partial stay of an earlier judgment […]

Will The US Supreme Court Strike Down The ACA’s Preventive Services Coverage Requirement?

Health Affairs Forefront | Richard Hughes IV, Nija Chappel, William Walters

The current Affordable Care Act (ACA) challenge in the Braidwood v. Becerra (formerly Kelly v. Becerra) case in the Northern District of Texas poses a threat to one of the law’s most popular features: its preventive services coverage requirement, Section 2713 of the Public Health Service Act (2713 or Section 2713) […]

Millions Could Lose Access to Free Preventive Care Services

The Commonwealth Fund | Celli Horstman, Jesse Baumgartner, Arnav Shah

The ruling, which concerns a subset of preventive services, including PrEP, contraceptives, and those recommended by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) including colorectal cancer screenings, has yet to have a nationwide impact as the judge seeks additional information before making a final determination. But if the ruling is eventually upheld by the Supreme Court or is expanded to cover all preventive services included in the ACA provision — something the current bench may be amenable to — progress made on health and well-being in the past decade will be in jeopardy […]

Explainer: The Latest Legal Challenge to the Affordable Care Act’s Preventive Services Guarantee

The Commonwealth Fund

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) ensures that individuals with private health insurance have access to free evidence-based preventive care, such as cancer screenings and immunizations. Nearly 152 million people are estimated to have benefited from the law’s free preventive care requirement in 2020 alone, through increased screenings, improved health outcomes, and reduced racial disparities in health care access […]

Federal Court Decision Threatens the ACA’s Preventive Services Benefit: State Options to Mitigate Harm to Consumers

State Health and Value Strategies | Sabrina Corlette, Justin Giovannelli, Georgetown Center on Health Insurance Reforms

The same U.S. federal district judge that declared the Affordable Care Act (ACA) unconstitutional in Texas v. California has issued a ruling in a lawsuit, Braidwood Management Inc. v. Becerra (formerly known as Kelley v. Becerra), that strikes down a requirement that health plans cover and waive cost-sharing for many critical preventive services. Although the U.S. Department of Justice is likely to appeal the ruling, some legal experts believe the Braidwood Management plaintiffs may prevail in the higher courts, too […]

"Free" screening? Know your rights to get no-cost care

Kaiser Health News | Julie Appleby

An ounce of prevention … well, you know the rest. In medicine, prevention aims to spot problems before they worsen, affecting both a patient’s health and finances. One of the more popular parts of the Affordable Care Act, which allows patients to get certain tests or treatments without forking out cash to cover copayments or deductibles, is based on that idea […]

Latest Obamacare Fight Aims to Revive 87-Year-Old Line of Attack

Bloomberg Law | Lydia Wheeler

Free birth control, colonoscopies, and vaccines have helped convince millions of people to sign up for Obamacare coverage. But now conservatives are trying to revive an arcane legal principle, one not entertained by the U.S. Supreme Court in more than 80 years, to argue the government has no right to require insurers to fully cover preventive services. They may have a slate of judges lined up who agree […]

Affordable Care Act lawsuit threatens contraception access

Axios | Caitlin Owens

The Affordable Care Act is once again being challenged in federal court, this time with big implications for the private insurance market that dovetail with concerns about contraception access in the post-Roe world […]

Court ruling on HIV meds could have sweeping implications for preventive care

Axios | Tina Reed, Oriana Gonzalez, Adriel Bettelheim

A federal court ruling that struck down required coverage of HIV prevention medication may have far more sweeping implications for whether insurers will have to continue offering a range of no-cost preventive health services […]