This update features policy developments, media reports, and events supporting continued momentum for multiple V-BID Center initiatives.



Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 Expands MA V-BID Model Test to All 50 States

The Bipartisan Budget Act, passed in February 2018, includes a provision that expands the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation Medicare Advantage V-BID Model Test to include all 50 states. Read the Manatt Health article that provides an analysis of the current MA V-BID Model Test.


Chronic Disease Management Act Introduced in Congress

In February 2018, the Chronic Disease Management Act of 2018 was introduced in Congress. The bill would allow for the development and implementation of High-Value Health Plans. For current research on the topic, read the JAMA Internal Medicine article about consumer behavior in high-deductible health plans.



2018 NDAA: V-BID Principles Included in TRICARE Pharmacy Benefits Program

In December 2017, President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2018, which further incorporates V-BID principles into the TRICARE Pharmacy Benefits Program.


2017 V-BID Interactive Timeline

A new timeline presents the highlights from an eventful year in health policy.




V-BID Center Resources


New Video: Precision Co-Pay Assistance Programs

A new whiteboard video, Precision Co-Pay Assistance Programs, details the inefficiencies associated with patient assistance programs, and offers a clinically-nuanced solution designed to ensure access to clinically-indicated therapies.



New Infographics: Top Five Low-Value Services and The Financial Impact of V-BID

The V-BID Center released two new infographics: Top Five Low-Value Services and The Financial Impact of V-BID.


V-BID Center Advocacy Group

The V-BID Center Advocacy Group was launched in December 2017 as an opportunity for V-BID supporters to get involved in health care reform by advocating for value-based, rather than volume-based, health care delivery systems.

Low-Value Care


Health Affairs: “Top Five” Blog and Unnecessary Spending Article

The Health Affairs Blog published a post highlighting VBID Health’s work in identifying a “Top Five” list of low-value services that purchasers and providers should target for reduction. In addition, Health Affairs published an article on the unnecessary spending associated with low-value services.

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