Increasing enrollment in high-deductible health plans paired with a health savings account (HSA-HDHP) is changing the health insurance landscape. 

As outlined by the U.S. Treasury Department, specific preventive services, such as vaccinations and screenings, may be covered prior to satisfaction of the plan deductible.  However, services meant to treat “an existing illness, injury or condition” are excluded from coverage until deductibles are met.

Several recent reports draw attention to increases in annual deductibles, HSA-HDHP enrollees paying more out-of-pocket and foregoing chronic disease care.  A bipartisan bill was recently introduced to change Internal Revenue Service rules to allow plans to better cover clinical services for chronic medical conditions before plan members have met their deductibles. This legislation has been endorsed by:  AHIP, American Benefits Council, American Heart Association, American Stroke Association, American Osteopathic Association, BlueCross BlueShield Association, Families USA, Merck, National Coalition on Health Care, Pfizer, Public Sector HealthCare Roundtable, The Smarter Health Care Coalition, and West Health Institute.

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