CENTER UPDATE | Midwinter 2020

This update features policy developments, media reports, and new resources
supporting continued momentum for multiple V-BID Center initiatives.

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Year In Review

2019 was a busy year for the V-BID Center. From transformative updates to the CMMI MA Model V-BID Test, to a new IRS guidance allowing pre-deductible coverage of chronic disease services in HSA-HDHPs, the adoption of V-BID principles continues to grow. See our 2019 highlights.

Chronic Disease Management Act Reintroduced to Congress

U.S. Sens. John Thune and Tom Carper reintroduced the Chronic Disease Management Act in the Senate (S. 3200) in a continued effort to ensure that HDHP enrollees with chronic conditions can access the care they need to stay healthy. Read our press release here.

CMS Announces Strong Participation in MA V-BID Model

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that the participation in VBID Model plans tripled from 2019 to 2020. Find more information on V-BID in MA here.

Achieving Value in Care Delivery: Smarter Health Care Coalition 2020 Annual Policy Summit

On January 29th, the Smarter Health Care Coalition, in collaboration with the V-BID Center, hosted a policy summit titled “Improving the Patient Experience Through Value-Based Insurance Design” in Washington DC.

Medicare Advantage Briefing: Better Services, Better Access to Care, and Better Value

America’s Health Insurance Plans hosted a briefing on Medicare Advantage on January 30th. V-BID Center Director, Mark Fendrick, MD, spoke about the Center’s role in transformative MA initiatives.

New V-BID Center Infographic Outlines How V-BID can Help Address Health Disparities

Value-based insurance design has the potential to mitigate health care disparities by increasing access to and affordability of high-value care. View our new infographic to learn more.

Medicare Advantage Video

This new video resource from the V-BID center details our work in Medicare Advantage, including the recently updated MA V-BID Model Test.

No One With Insurance Should Pay Full Price For Insulin

In a Fortune editorial, Mark Fendrick and David Ricks, CEO of Lily, recommend that high-deductible plans provide coverage for high-value services such as insulin, and pay for the incremental spending with the reduction of low-value care.

V-BID X Webinar with Northeast Business Group on Health

On January 30th, V-BID Center Director, Mark Fendrick, MD, presented the V-BID X health plan during a webinar sponsored by the Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH).

Tradeoffs, New Health Policy Podcast, Features V-BID

This episode of TradeOffs features the story of V-BID. Co-hosts Dan Gorenstein, Anupam Jena, and Sayeh Nikpay discuss the improbable 20 year-long V-BID journey with co-creators Mark Fendrick and Michael Chernew.

New IRS Rule Will Help Lower Drug Costs For Those With Chronic Conditions

In a recent op-ed, Dr. Mark Fendrick details how the recent IRS guidance will allow high-deductible health plans to better serve their beneficiaries with chronic illnesses. Learn more here.

Illuminate HR Podcast: Value-Based Insurance Design with Mark Fendrick

In the latest installment of Illuminate HR, Mark Fendrick, MD, shares his insights on V-BID, as well as how interested parties can implement clinically-nuanced benefit design.

Lower Health Insurance Premiums Sound Like Great News – But It’s Only Part Of the Story

In this commentary from The Health Care Blog, Mark Fendrick, MD, explains why lower premiums aren’t always the the best choice to lower your health care costs. Visit our website to read more about V-BID and HDHPs.

CVS To Offer Diabetes Drugs At No Out-Of-Pocket Costs For PBM Members

CVS Health announced a new program for its pharmacy benefit management unit that will allow employers and insurers to offer diabetes drugs like insulin at no cost to their members. Check out our Drug Cost Iceberg initiative for supporting resources.

Navigating Insurance With a Chronic Illness

For the millions of Americans with a chronic illness, picking a health plan can be a daunting task. In this Policygenius article, Mark Fendrick, MD, weighs in on how high deductibles can be especially problematic, and how V-BID can help.

HSA Enrollment Rises Even As Full-Replacement Strategies Decline

Despite the fact that employers have diversified the health plans available to their employees, enrollment in consumer-directed health plans continues to increase. Read more about V-BID and HDHPs here.

High-Deductible Plans Jeopardize Financial Health Of Patients And Rural Hospitals

Blunt cost-sharing instruments like deductibles can make needed care unaffordable, often leading to financial trouble for the patient, and sometimes the hospital. Visit our website to learn more about V-BID and HDHPs.

Adding Nuance Can Make Value-Based Insurance Design More Impactful For Employers

In an interview with AJMC, Dr. Bruce Sherman comments on the potential for nuanced benefit design to increase the overall impact of V-BID.

What Is The Status Of Research On Low-Value Care?

This Health Affairs Blog showcases the work done by The Research Community on Low-Value Care to examine recent research on this issue. The V-BID Center has been a consistent and dedicated contributor to low-value care research.

More Americans Delaying Medical Treatment Due to Cost

A recent Gallup Poll shows that a record 25% of American families have delayed medical care due to high out-of-pocket costs. Visit to learn how clinically-nuanced benefit design can increase access to needed care.

The Balance Between Affordability, Value, and Access

Mark Fendrick, MD, makes the case for V-BID in this recently published Value & Outcomes Spotlight. Learn more about how V-BID can increase access to high-value health services without increasing costs here.

American College of Physicians recommends V-BID

Better Is Possible: The American College of Physicians Vision for the U.S. Health Care System offers a plan to remove obstacles to care that undermine the patient-physician relationship and harm our patients’ health. 

Prevalence of Potentially Unnecessary Tests Among Adolescent Girls and Young Women

Low-value care is a common source of wasteful health spending in the U.S., and a recent study found that many young women receive potentially unnecessary exams and tests.

The Evidence for Value-Based Insurance Designs

Using evidence from public purchasers, commercial health plans, and private employers, this article provides support for V-BID and outlines potential next steps.

Differences in the Receipt of Low-Value Services Between Publicly and Privately Insured Children

Approximately 1 in 10 children received unnecessary medical care in 2014, according to a study published in Pediatrics. Learn more about our low-value care initiative here.

Association Between Patient Cost-Sharing and Cardiac Rehabilitation Adherence

A recently published study demonstrated that cost-sharing was associated with decreased use of cardiac rehabilitation, a cost-effective and commonly underutilized service. Further commentary can be found here.

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