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On October 6/7, 2015, the University of Michigan Center for Value-Based Insurance Design held its 10th Anniversary V-BID Summit entitled:  A Decade of Transforming the Health Care Cost Discussion from ‘How Much’ to ‘How Well.’  Chris Priest, the newly appointed Michigan Medicaid Director, delivered welcoming remarks at the dinner Tuesday evening.

On October 7, the summit began as Dean Martin Philbert of the UM School of Public Health welcomed stakeholders from 24 states and lauded the impact the V-BID Center has had on health care reform over the past decade.  The day-long summit consisted of 4 interactive panels:  Incorporating Clinical Nuance into Medicare Advantage, Creating Consumer Directed Plans with Smarter Deductibles, Moving States from Volume to Value, and Aligning Payment Reform & Consumer Engagement.  The panels were moderated by Clifford Goodman of the Lewin Group.

Incorporating Clinical Nuance into Medicare Advantage (Session 1)

Session 1 Panelists:

  • Adam Finkelstein, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
  • Jeanne Madden, Northeastern University
  • Stacy Sanders, Medicare Rights Center
  • Nicholas Uehleke, Ways & Means Committee, US House of Representatives

Moderator: Clifford Goodman, Lewin Group

Session 1 Panel

In the first panel, Jeanne Madden (Northeastern University) discussed the important and growing problem of cost-related non-adherence among Medicare beneficiaries.   Stacy Sanders (Medicare Rights Center) and Nicholas Uehleke, (U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee) provided insights regarding policy and political hurdles necessary to implement V-BID in the Medicare program.  Uehleke enthusiastically supported bipartisan ideas like V-BID:  “This is why Congress gets fun – germinating ideas we get from academia and getting them through the legislative jungle.”  Adam Finkelstein (CMMI), provided details on the recently announced V-BID Medicare Advantage demonstration program, an important milestone for the V-BID Center.

Creating Consumer Directed Plans with Smarter Deductibles (Session 2)

Session 2 Panelists:

  • Sara Collins, The Commonwealth Fund
  • Richard Feifer, Aetna
  • Ateev Mehrotra, Harvard Medical School
  • Lydia Mitts, Families USA
  • Katy Spangler, American Benefits Council

Moderator: Clifford Goodman, Lewin Group

Session 2 Panel

In the second panel, health experts addressed the impact of rising consumer deductibles and the potential benefits of a V-BID High Value Health Plan which expands the allowable services covered pre-deductible in High Deductible Health Plans.  Sarah Collins (Commonwealth Fund) and Ateev Mehrotra (Harvard Medical School) presented convincing evidence on the growing problem of underinsurance.  Collins stated, “People who have high deductibles are more likely to tell us they didn’t get needed care.”  Lydia Mitts, (Families USA), defined smarter deductibles as those that “cover a broad scope of services, pre-deductible,” while Katy Spangler (American Benefits Council) provided a blueprint for needed policy change.

Moving States from Volume to Value (Session 3)

Session 3 Panelists:

  • William Hazel, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Commonwealth of Virginia
  • Frances Jensen, Deputy Director, State Innovations Group, CMMI
  • Karen Murphy, Secretary of Health, State of Pennsylvania
  • Joe Thompson, Former Surgeon General, State of Arkansas

Moderator: Clifford Goodman, Lewin Group

Session 3 Panel

After a break for lunch, the summit resumed with four national leaders discussing innovation in state health reform.  Frances Jensen (CMMI), along with Karen Murphy (Pennsylvania), William Hazel (Virginia), and Joseph Thompson (Arkansas), shared their experiences on the growing role of clinical nuance in programs such as state employee plans, accountable care organizations, and State Innovation Models (SIM).   Dr. Hazel of Virginia enthusiastically described how Virginia has implemented V-BID principles in its state employee plan and how V-BID is playing a key role in their SIM.

Aligning Payment Reform & Consumer Engagement (Session 4)

Session 4 Panelists:

  • Gary Bacher, Healthsperien
  • Chris Dawe, Evolent Health
  • Suzanne Delbanco, Catalyst for Payment Reform
  • Larry McNeely, National Coalition on Health Care

Moderator: Clifford Goodman, Lewin Group

Session 4 Panel

The final panel discussed how clinical nuance can align payment reform (peanut butter) and benefit design (jelly).  Suzanne Delbanco (Catalyst for Payment Reform) clarified the opportunities and challenges of the health transparency movement, while Larry McNeely (National Coalition on Health Care) strongly advocated for V-BID principles:  “We need a clinically-nuanced approach.”  Chris Dawe (Evolent Health) and Gary Bacher (Smarter Healthcare Coalition) offered predictions on how current health reform initiatives will launch “next generation” V-BID uses.

For more information, including speaker bios, please view the V-BID Summit Program or contact the V-BID Center.

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