Press Release: V-BID Principles Save Diabetics Over $1K

This week, the cost-saving principles of V-BID have made headlines.  Fortune Magazine highlights how the V-BID Center‘s successes in policy enable high-deductible insurance plans to cover the cost of insulin for diabetics as well as other essential services.  Through discussions with the Center’s own A. Mark Fendrick, MD and Eli Lilly’s David A. Ricks, the article explains how the model is able to fund nearly all of this coverage by eliminating coverage on low-value care and services. 

Reuters News reports on how CVS is putting V-BID principles into practice with the launch of a new program fully covering diabetes care.  The company said V-BID model will prevent the program from raising costs for health insurers and employers.  Eliminating out-of-pocket costs would ensure better adherence by diabetic patients to their drug regimens. 

For more on the V-BID Center and its initiatives, see below.