V-BID Included in Biden-Sanders
Unity Task Force Recommendations

Washington, DC — On Wednesday, the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force released a 110-page document detailing recommendations for key issues, including health care.  Specific mentions of value-based insurance design are available below.

Provide free or low-cost prescription prescription drugs proven effective in treating for chronic illness (i.e., adopt a “Value-Based Insurance Design” benefit)

Page 93, Affordable Care Act marketplace

Redesign the Medicare V-BID benefit to provide free or low-cost Rx drugs of proven benefit for chronic illness

Page 95, Securing Prescription Drug Savings to Advance Health Care Priorities, Lowering Premiums

This development builds upon the strong bipartisan support of V-BID implementation, including the Affordable Care Act and COVID-19 legislation, as well as current HSA reform and

The V-BID Center Director, Dr. Mark Fendrick, is available for questions and comments at