This update features policy developments, media reports, and events supporting continued momentum for multiple V-BID Center initiatives.



Upcoming Center Events:

Webinar: Low-Value Care 101: Identify, Measure, Reduce, Report

On February 28 at 2PM EST, join Dr. Mark Fendrick, Director of the Center for Value-Based Insurance Design, and Beth Bortz, President and CEO of the Virginia Center for Health Innovation, as they discuss initiatives to address low-value care. To watch a recording of the webinar, click here.




Policy News:

V-BID 2.0: CMS Announces Updates to Medicare Advantage V-BID Demo

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced transformative updates to the Medicare Advantage V-BID model.  These changes aim to increase choice, lower cost, and improve the quality of care for Medicare beneficiaries. In addition, a CMS notice revealed anticipated changes to Medicare Advantage proposed by the Trump Administration, including higher payments to plans, increased flexibility to serve the chronically ill, new opioid controls, and other changes to Part D.



In the Literature:

The Drug Price Iceberg: More Than Meets the Eye

A recent American Journal of Managed Care article, authored by Mark Fendrick, MD, describes the two separate components of drug costs: the amount paid by consumers and the portion paid by third parties.





Business of Health Care: Value-Based Insurance Design Episode

Business of Health Care host Glenn Robinson discusses how value-based insurance design uses financial incentives to improve quality and reduce costs.






NPR: Young People More Likely to Defer Health Care Because of Cost

An NPR poll found 41% of people under 35 had experienced trouble paying for healthcare, likely related to a combination of high deductibles and the rising cost of medication. Learn more about high-deductible health plans here.



Research Consortium for Health Care Value Assessment: Improving Health by Reducing Low-Value Care

The Research Consortium for Health Care Value Assessment, a partnership between Altarum and VBID Health, published a concept paper identifying the unique position of states to address the inefficiencies associated with low-value care. Find out more about how V-BID can reduce low-value care.



The Journal of American Medical Association: Co-pay Vouchers for Anti-platelet Drugs Associated with Increased Medication Persistence

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that providing co-pay assistance for P2Y12 inhibitor drugs after myocardial infarction increased medication persistence. Learn more about V-BID in patient assistance programs.



American Journal of Managed Care: Revolutionizing U.S. Healthcare With Consumer-Centered Care, Value-Based Insurance Design

An American Journal of Managed Care post highlights a Health Care Transformation Task Force webinar where Mark Fendrick, MD, and Hoangmai Pham, MD, MPH, laid out six guidelines for engaging consumers and revolutionizing healthcare.





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