This update features policy developments, media reports, and events supporting continued momentum for multiple V-BID Center initiatives.

Policy News:

CMS Rule Allows More V-BID in Medicare Advantage even as V-BID Demo Expands

A new CMS rule will allow for the further incorporation of V-BID principles into the Medicare Advantage program. Read more on how V-BID is changing in MA plans as the pilot expands to all 50 states.

V-BID Helps Chronically Ill, Expands Access to Opioid Treatment

A recent Health Affairs Blog post and article in Crain’s Detroit Business highlight how amending the IRS “safe harbor” for HDHPs would expand access to treatment for opioid addiction. Read more here.

Kaiser Health News: Co-Pay Accumulators Increase Consumer Cost-Sharing

Recent articles in EP Advantage and Kaiser Health News discuss the negative impact of co-pay accumulators on patient adherence. Watch our video, check out our infographic, or read our brief to learn more about our precision patient assistance solution.

Trump Administration Drug Pricing Blueprint Includes V-BID

On May 11, 2018, President Trump introduced the “American Patients First” drug pricing plan. The plan blueprint aligns with several V-BID Center initiatives, including Precision Benefit Design, Medicare Advantage, and HSA-HDHPs.

In the Literature:

Managed Care: HDHPs – Cost Shift but No Swing to High-Value Care

A new Managed Care article discusses how consumers are being asked to pay more with HDHPs but aren’t incentivized to choose high-value care. This finding, coupled with a recent report that 40% of households can’t cover an unexpected $400 expense, supports the amendment of IRS rules to allow HDHPs to provide predeductible coverage of high-value services. Find more on HSA-HDHP reform here.

Medicine at Michigan: Mark Fendrick Discusses Low-Value Care

In an interview with Medicine at Michigan, Mark Fendrick defines low-value care and sheds light on the impact of low-value care on national health spending and population health outcomes.

AJMC Podcast: Examining Consumer Cost-Sharing and a Precision Benefit Design

The American Journal of Managed Care podcast episode, featuring Mark Fendrick, discusses a recent paper that examines the effects of increased cost-sharing on patients with major depressive disorder. Listen here.

BMJ Quality & Safety: Study Provides Support for Benefits of V-BID

An editorial in BMJ Quality & Safety discusses a recent study examining the effects of changes in copayment policy on initial medication non-adherence.

Journal of Health Economics: Visits Increase When Copayments are Eliminated

A recent study found that when care is free of charge, individuals increase their number of doctors visits by as much as 10%.

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