Choosing a Health Plan?  Check out our new Whiteboard Video!

The University of Michigan Center for Value-Based Insurance Design (V-BID) is pleased to introduce our very first student-created whiteboard video, Goldilocks Chooses a Health Plan.

Much like finding the right bed, choosing a health plan can be challenging.  Watch as Goldilocks traverses through the complicated health insurance market of ‘too soft’ and ‘too hard’ health plans, and then discovers the Value-Based Insurance Design Plan, which is ‘just right.’

With this ‘just right’ health plan, Goldilocks has financial incentives to utilize high-value services and skip services of unproven value.  This plan also lowers cost-related non-adherence, improved health outcomes, and avoids the Cadillac Tax.

For more information on choosing a ‘just right’ health plan, please contact the V-BID Center at