Basing patients’ medication costs on the health benefits they’ll get from a drug, rather than its price, means they’re more likely to take it

Excerpt from IHPI press release:

Taking a medicine every day in the hopes that it will prevent some long-range potential health catastrophe — like a heart attack or kidney failure — isn’t easy.

Many people skip doses, or don’t refill their prescriptions on time, or at all. And plenty of studies have shown that the more patients have to pay for those prescriptions, the less likely they are to take them as directed.

But new evidence shows the power of a method aimed at changing this behavior: insurance plans that charge patients less for the medicines that could help them most. Some plans even make some of the medicines free to the patients with certain conditions.

In an article published in the July issue of Health Affairs, a team of researchers reports that this “value-based insurance design” approach led patients to fill their prescriptions more often.

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                                                                                     Health Affairs V-BID Systematic Review


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