Are you interested in health policy, advocacy, and research?

The V-BID Center is committed to developing the next generation of public health professionals interested in balancing health care quality and costs and has several opportunities available for recent graduates in the Gap Year Internship Program. 

The Center for Value-Based Insurance Design (V-BID) is a collaborative organization that occupies space in both the University of Michigan School of Public Health (SPH) and the University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation (IHPI).   With a focus on research, development, and advocacy for innovative health benefit plans, the Center produces qualitative and quantitative research projects evaluating the concept of value-based insurance design, national and state policy recommendations, a monthly brief series, a monthly newsletter and a highly active website.

The V-BID Center staff includes medical and public health faculty, public policy analysts, and young professionals interested in furthering their education.  The Center also collaborates with a wide range of national research partners, health coalitions, and thought-leaders to advocate for better health outcomes across the health care system.  Committed to better health outcomes for all Americans, the V-BID Center strives to provide accessible, valuable content to all of its constituents.

A V-BID experience will train young professionals to shape and execute a strategy to share V-BID concepts across a variety of stakeholder groups at the local, state, and national level. The V-BID Center focuses on multiple health reform topics including: Medicaid/Medicare, employee benefit reform, consumer education initiatives, health care delivery systems, and state health insurance exchanges. Gap year interns will assist in the V-BID Center’s advocacy efforts and will work on projects that are relevant, timely, and appropriate to the Center’s efforts to promote the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative health benefit designs that balance cost and quality.

Ways to get involved

Gap Year Interns: The V-BID Center engages a multidisciplinary team of recent graduates in advocacy and research projects. The V-BID Center has benefited from the input of students with diverse educational backgrounds and career goals, including economics, computer science, health care, public policy, and global health.

Projects generally include:

  • Developing and refining knowledge of the United States health care system
  • Receiving an introduction to value-based insurance design (V-BID) concepts and implementation
  • Training on V-BID website utilization and analytics
  • Assisting with V-BID social media strategy for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
  • Assisting with supplemental V-BID health policy literature searches and projects
  • Participating in relevant webinars & trainings on health care reform topics
  • Monitoring federal and state regulatory developments regarding V-BID and related areas
  • Monitoring other news sources to track progress of V-BID in the media
  • Researching/writing policy briefs, releases, & memos to share academic and policy developments
  • Assisting in effective coalition-building/communication with a professional network of colleagues

View the video library below to learn more about V-BID Center internships from the Center Director and student alumni:

Gap Year Program: The V-BID gap year internship program affords recent graduates from around the country the opportunity to integrate themselves into the vast, fast-paced world of public health policy.  Upon joining our multidisciplinary team, interns will participate in hands-on, collaborative experiences as they gain a better understanding of various facets of health care policy. During this experience, each intern and their unique contributions will become an integral asset to our work. Learn more about the program below.

Check out some of our past students’ work!

If you are interested in working with the V-BID Center, please email a resume and brief cover letter to