Interested in Health Policy?

Want to know how you can get involved?

Mission Statement

Increase support for the incorporation of V-BID in healthcare policy and health insurance benefit design through the dissemination of Center resources.


  1. Increase the V-BID Center’s network and expand our online audience through website traffic and resource downloads
  2. Magnify our social media presence though online interaction and engagement


The V-BID Advocacy Group will ensure opportunities and benefits for their members that will also promote the principles of Value-Based Insurance Design, which include:

  1. Learning about policy advocacy and staying up-to-date on changing U.S. healthcare policy
  2. Building skills in strategic implementation of social media and other online platforms for policy advocacy
  3. Expanding your network through meetings once a semester with V-BID Center employees and advocates

Basic Individual Responsibilities

  1. Retweet/share V-BID related tweets and/or posts each week
  2. “Like” all V-BID posts on Facebook and LinkedIn
  3. Share new videos, infographics, etc.

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