August 2017

Administration Eyes Expanding HDHP Pre-Deductible Coverage to Chronic Disease Managment

Conduent – Julia Zuckerman & Richard Stover

A recent draft executive order would direct the IRS to expand the list of preventive care services that an HDHP plan can cover before the participant or beneficiary has met the plan’s deductible.  Specifically, it would update the preventive care rules for HDHPs to include services or benefits, including medications, relating to care for chronic disease management.



Trump Plan Might Cut Expenses For Some Insured Patients With Chronic Needs

Kaiser Health News – Michelle Andrews

Out-of pocket expenses could shrink under a Trump administration draft executive order that would change the Internal Revenue Service rules about what care can be covered before the deductible is met in plans linked to health savings accounts, or HSAs.


June 2017

Draft Executive Order Favors Pharma over PBMS, Hospitals

BioCentury – Steve Usdin

A draft executive order aimed at “reducing the cost of medical products and enhancing American biomedical innovation” includes provisions intended to cut PBMs’ revenues and to reform the 340B program in ways that would reduce costs to drug companies and reduce discounts available to hospitals.


Leaked Draft Executive Order on Rx Prices Targets Plans, PBMs, Other Countries

Inside Health Policy

A leaked draft of an alleged White House executive order on drug prices calls for value-based contracts, lower Medicare beneficiary out-of-pocket costs, drug rebate reforms, restricted hospital drug discounts, faster FDA approvals and higher prices in other countries.


Draft Drug Price Order Focuses on Regulations, Trade

Roll Call – Joe Williams & Andrew Siddons

The Trump administration might seek to roll back regulations in pursuit of faster drug approvals, promoting drug competition and new payment models for federal health insurance programs, according to a draft executive order obtained by CQ Roll Call.


Draft Executive Order Would Enhance High-Deductible Coverage for Chronic Disease Care

Modern Healthcare – Shelby Livingston

While all eyes were on Senate Republicans last week as they rushed to assemble their bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act, a draft version of a White House executive order surfaced that would allow patients enrolled in high-deductible health plans to access care for chronic conditions before they meet their deductible.


April 2017

Value-Based Insurance Design Benefit Offsets Reductions in Medication Adherence Associated with Switch to Deductible Plan

Health Affairs – M. Reed, E.M. Warton, M. Solomon, A. Karter

Enrollment in high-deductible health plans is increasing out-of-pocket spending. But innovative plans that pair deductibles with value-based insurance designs can help preserve low-cost access to high-value treatments for patients by aligning coverage with clinical value.


March 2017

HSAs to see explosive growth

EBN – Kathryn Mayer

Health savings accounts are becoming vastly more important for employees because they not only help with medical savings, but put workers on a better track for retirement, experts say.


February 2017

Republicans Want You in a Health Savings Account.  So Now What?

New York Times – Robert Neubecker

Major proposals to replace the Affordable Care Act promote health savings accounts, which do offer tax savings but are complex and favor the wealthy.


House Repbulicans Provide Policy Brief of their ACA Replacement Plan


February 16th, House Republican leaders held a closed-door meeting to discuss their ACA replacement plan and identify the components that could be included in the budget reconciliation bill. As expected, the components included in the repeal plan are very similar to the ACA repeal bill vetoed by President Obama in January of last year


HSAs Give Consumers Greater Control, Greater Savings

AHIP – Marilyn Tavenner

Health care costs – particularly out of control prescription drugs costs – continue to hurt too many families. To bring down costs, consumers need more choice and more control over their care and coverage – and that’s why Health Savings Accounts (HSA) are such an important tool.


With a High Deductible, Even a Doctor Can Shortchange His Health

The Washington Post – Dan Gorenstein

A Harvard health-policy expert faced a racing heartbeat and a $6,000 deductible on his insurance plan.  What did he do?


Health Savings Accounts Are Back In the Policy Spotlight

NPR – Julie Appleby

Republicans hope to expand the use of health savings accounts to encourage consumers to be more judicious in using their coverage.  How do the accounts work?


December 2016

Trump Plan to Increase Health Savings Accounts Should Ensure That They Do Not Only Benefit the Wealthy and Healthy

Health Affairs Blog – Kathryn Phillips

One of the reforms proposed as part of the Trump health platform is to “allow individuals to use Health Savings Accounts (HSAs).” This increased emphasis on HSAs is a clarion call for more understanding about how to make HSAs work so that they are equitable, effective, and efficient.