Congressional News

2017 V-BID Congressional Briefing – An Innovative Approach to Improve Medicare Advantage, Health Savings Accounts, and TRICARE

2015 V-BID Congressional Briefing – Improving Consumers’ Access to High-Value Health Care

Bipartisan “Access to Better Care Act” Bill Introduced to Congress


News Articles – A. Mark Fendrick, MD

Modern Healthcare Article – A Bipartisan Bill Might Alter Deductibles for Chronic-Disease Care. Really

Insured but Not Covered – Using Clinical Nuance to Create “Smarter Deductibles”

Congress Seeks to Help Patients Overcome High Deductibles

Are High-Value Health Plans the Wave of the Future?

Precision Benefit Design – Using “Smarter” Deductibles to Better Engage Consumers and Mitigate Cost-Related Nonadherence

Value-Based Insurance Design: A “Clinically Sensitive, Fiscally Responsible” Approach to Mitigate The Adverse Clinical Effects of High-Deductible Consumer-Directed Health Plans



Smarter Health Care Coaliton


Listen to IHC Radio’s interview with V-BID director, Dr. Mark Fendrick, about HSA-eligible HDHPs