Rick McKellar

Director, Paladin Healthcare Capital

Michael Richard (Rick) McKellar, MHSA is a Director at Paladin Healthcare Capital, a firm specializing in improving the operational and financial performance of healthcare providers.  As Director, Mr. McKellar oversees financial diligence of potential clients and acquisitions and provides strategic and operational support to Paladin’s six portfolio hospitals.  Prior to joining Paladin, Mr. McKellar spent four years as a researcher in the field of healthcare policy with Harvard’s Department of Health Care Policy, the University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.  He interned at Aetna Health, a company offering cloud-based EMR and billing software services.  He has published eight papers in top-rated journals on topics ranging from geographic variation in healthcare spending to the economics of antibiotic-resistant pathogens.  Mr. McKellar holds a Master of Health Service Administration from the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Harvard College.

“The most valuable experience during my time with V-BID was visiting Washington D.C. to promote the expansion of V-BID into Medicare Advantage plans.”