Justin Mitchell

Vice President, Asserta Health

Justin Mitchell is currently a Vice President at Asserta Health, a patient advocacy service, where he leads the creation of the processes and technology for managing cash payment for complex surgical procedures and professional services to help individuals, employers, TPAs, and fully-insured health plans save money and receive high-quality care.  Prior to his work at Asserta Health, Justin worked at Dossia, a Personal Health Record company that is making population health personal.  At Dossia, Justin led the creation of a Health Rules engine for encouraging effective utilization of health care services by individuals who signed up for a personal health record account.  Justin joined Dossia immediately following his time with V-BID.

“During my time at the V-BID center, I enjoyed working on the monthly briefs and the first version of a V-BID infographic.  My experience with these projects were invaluable in understanding the changing reimbursement market, the consumer education needed around V-BID approaches, and the practical applications of V-BID.  The knowledge I gained has helped me to effectively and quickly engage in a thoughtful approach to designing incentive approaches in both of my positions since leaving V-BID.  I credit Dr. Fendrick and the V-BID Center for guiding me to my current career path, and I will always consider my time there as a formative period for my career.”