Claire Hutchinson

Business Strategy Consultant, Accenture

Claire Hutchinson received her Master’s in Public Policy from the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan.  While at Michigan, Claire interned at a variety of different organizations, including the Center for Value-Based Insurance Design.  After graduating , Claire joined Accenture where she is currently a business strategy consultant.  She works closely with health care clients on ACA and related implementation projects.

“The two major skills that I gained through my experience with V-BID were a strong foundation in value-based payment models and hands on experience with health policy advocacy.  In addition to the advocacy aspect of my role at V-BID, the innovative and nuanced approach to payment and health care delivery across many different types of programs serves as a phenomenal knowledge base for the current dialogue on value-based payment models.  I had not previously done any work in advocacy prior to my time with V-BID, and I really enjoyed the strategic aspect of policy positioning and coalition development. The skills developed to understand stakeholder engagement and positioning apply  to day to day life and have certainly helped me in my professional career in consulting.  As I think about my long term career goals, the skills that I learned while working at V-BID definitely encourage me to think about working in advocacy in the future.”