Alison Jensen

Senior Health Improvement Specialist, Community Health Plan of Washington

Alison received a Master’s of Public Health in Health Management and Policy from the University of Michigan. Upon returning to Seattle after graduation, she began work as Senior Health Improvement Specialist in the Quality Department of Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW).  Alison manages vendors that contract out services, such as smoking cessation, community health workers, and, most recent, mail-in colorectal cancer screenings. She is very interested in growing CHPW’s Medicare Advantage plan and thinking a bit more broadly about things they can offer members other than healthcare.  Previously, she worked as a Diabetes Educator for a Community Health Center in Upstate New York and as a Project Assistant on a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Childhood Obesity Prevention Program in rural New Mexico.  She has an interest in extending access of comprehensive health and healthcare to all Americans.

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to work at V-BID during grad school.  It gave me some direction as to how I could apply my millions of health-related ideas and it taught me a lot about insurance.”